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Can’t Get Enough of Fappening Content?

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Porn has been around for a good while now, but the way people consume it is always changing. It’s been a part of daily human life for so long that people are still jacking off to the same videos they’ve been beating their meat to since the late 00s. That five second-long automatic process that consists of a left-click followed by an immediate “p” on the website input bar and a swift plunge on the return button has been buried deep within peoples’ psyches for over a decade now and counting.

Fast-access porntubes are all around – There are even sites like the Porn Geek out there nowadays too, which are made to make finding porn fast, easy, and effective. The Porn Geek is a lot like a toothbrush ad; nine out of ten regular porn consumers will approve his site (with the tenth being, of course, a Porn Dude fan). But sometimes those same old porn actresses and starlets you fap to on popular porntubes don’t do it for you anymore, and you’re forced to plant your imagination onto something else, like say, Vanessa Hudgens’ leaked nude selfies.

Well, that’s where the Porn Geek comes in once again – this guy’s compiled a list of “Fappening-Esque” websites on his site, and of course, yours truly is an addition there. If you’ve ever needed a central hub to browse all celebrity and leaked nude content on the internet from, this one might just do the job for good.

It’s Not All Just About The Movie Stars…

Instagram is the new Facebook, and when there’s Instagram, there are Insta-models too. Some people follow Instagram models like it’s a religion – whipping out your smartphone and opening up Instagram is addictive enough, let alone being able to ogle at thousands upon thousands of bikini models on it. People just can’t seem to get enough of it even though there is an infinite amount of porn just a few clicks away.

The girls who run these popular IG accounts may seem stupid, but they know how to finesse their followers into giving them every last cent via Patreon, Onlyfans, and premium Snapchat accounts. This “premium” content may be paywalled, but you can find plenty of it online for free – you just have to know where to look. This hyperlinked section of the Porn Geek website has within it a listing of a few sites that specialize in this kind of “Premium Snapchat” content, including NudoGram and DrunkenStepfather, just to name a few. This way, you won’t have to be finessed out of your hard-earned cash for a few nude videos made by some Insta-famous model you’ve been drooling over.

Can’t Forget The Celebs Though

So there are Insta-models, but then there are also celebrities who are actually regarded as real-life famous people that almost anyone can recognize. These are highly-paid actresses who don’t flaunt themselves on Instagram for some affiliate marketing gigs. They’ve been talked about on the New York Times and other notable media forums, and they also don’t need to finesse their fans into purchasing a premium Patreon or Snapchat account because they make millions already.

Besides, there are plenty of people who would pay absurd amounts of cash for nudes of these A-list celebrities, the likes of Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johannson, and Mila Kunis. Some of them even have nude and sex scenes in movies which are pretty decent too, and if you want to get your hands on all those goodies for free, then the Porn Geek’s website listings are here to help you find your way. Sites like PurelyCeleb and VideCelebs contain pretty much all the movie sex scenes there is, especially those that you awkwardly watched as a kid alongside your parents back in the days. 

And Everything In Between

Also, there are also sites like Motherless, which have their very own “fappening” section that contains everything you could need when it comes to celeb porn. Not only do these sections include the most talked-about celeb sex scenes, but they also have actual sex scenes in the form of homemade movies, which is pure gold in this XXX genre. Hundreds of hot millionaire female starlets and celebrities have been recorded pleasing their hubby in more than one way, and plenty of that stuff has leaked onto the internet. There are also plenty of leaked nude selfies which have been compromised by many cyber-heroes over the years, and you can find plenty of them with a little help from the Porn Geek’s site listings.

So You’ve Got Every Kind of “Fappening” Content You May Need

One quick flip through the Porn Geek’s “fappening” porn listing will bring up a variety of websites that specialize in different themes within the “fappening” genre itself. For example, you can find sites that specialize strictly in nude selfies and videos taken by Insta-models. Some sites specialize in movie sex scenes (a definite classic) as well as homemade sex tapes that can either make or break a famous person’s career (i.e., Kim Kardashian). And there are also plenty of public nip slips and raunchy bikini pics of famous starlets to behold too – there really is no shortage of variety on the Porn Geek’s “fappening” site listings.

They’re All Free Sites

You don’t want to spend money on some Instagram model’s Onlyfans account when you can find her leaked content on one of these sites, right? There are also plenty of sites out there that contain “Fappening-Esque” content that’s paywalled (I’m looking at you, Mr.Skin). Why should you have to pay for something that’s free, leaked, or has already been bought by some hero and is now available for download? All the sites listed on the Porn Geek’s “fappening” site listings are free websites that you and anyone else can access for free – all you need to do is head on over and decide which of these playgrounds you’ll want to play for free in, and that’s that.

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