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Born in 1972, Ariadne Shaffer is a charming performer memorable for her work in the movies Sugar Boxx, Frog-g-g!, and Better Luck Tomorrow.

The actress was born in Libby, Montana. She went to Franklin High School, Seattle. She graduated from that educational institution in 1990.

Before she became famous she managed a tiny independent theatre dubbed A Contemporary Theater. That experience sparked her interest in acting. Having graduated from the University of Washington with an acting degree, she left for Los Angeles to try her hand in the thriving movie industry.


  1. Ed December 17, 2018 at 5:10 pm - Reply

    OMG!!! Ariadne Shaffer was one grade ahead of me when we attended Franklin High School in Seattle. She was a “drama nerd” but I always thought she was beautiful and I had a huge crush on her. I was too shy to talk to her while we were in school but I did muster up the courage to ask her to sign my yearbook at the end of her senior year; I was so nervous when I asked her that I barely looked at her. I remember the big smile she flashed me as she handed back my yearbook and how cute her cute little butt looked as she walked away, with her friend, down the hallway.

    Imagine my surprise finding photos of my high school crush sucking and fucking in a variety of positions on your site. I always wondered what Ariadne looked like naked but these photos are better than anything that I imagined in high school. Seeing photos of Ariadne sucking her boyfriend’s hard cock and her hairy pussy being fucked made me start cumming in my pants before I could whip it out. Wow! Thank you! Best Christmas present, ever!!!

  2. Paul Abruzzo February 24, 2020 at 12:25 am - Reply

    This stupid cunt is hilarious. If you look it up, she tried suing Steven Messerer, the guy in the tape, for releasing the sex tape. You can find all kinds of legal shit filed. Her and her husband filed against Steven citing “revenge porn” and in the lawsuit description she claims that he filmed this without her knowledge.

    If you look up the history of the lawsuit, it says that the judge dismissed it, with prejudice. As he should have. If you watch the sex tape, the stupid cunt is actually saying at the end of the tape, while she has cum dripping out of her pussy, “How do we rewind this? I want to watch it”. HAHahahahahahahaha I bet she never saw the tape and just automatically filed a lawsuit when Steven released it and had no idea that was at the end. The judge must have looked at her complaint and laughed after viewing the tape and then just dismissed it.

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